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Welcome to Lesnaya Skazka

Love winters? Love the mountains? So, if we give you the best combination of spending your holidays in our mountain resort known as ‘Forest Ckazka’ or Forest Fairy Tale Resort, life could not be better. Located just 30 kms away from the main city of Almaty in the gorge Oh-Karagan, these 5 acres of picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful resort with forests and hill would leave you mesmerised. This absolutely wonderful Ski Resort is open all seasons, but you should visit the resort in winters with family or friends because it is during that time when it’s in its full glory. You can chill at the cosy, modern and comfortable room or cottage and you can enjoy living a life of a nomad and relax some days in solitude. One can enjoy a variety of activities in this ski resort ranging from hiking, horse riding, skiing, snowboarding to paintball shooting. Infact your kids can join the children’s ski club called ‘Ugusha’ and learn skiing and snowboarding from qualified instructors. You can also let your child have fun in the summer camp and let them enjoy a rural life for some time.

The Resort offers delicious food at the restaurants and when you are tired after all the eating and activities you can relax and unwind at the ‘Ethno- SPA Care’ which offers a variety of massage therapies and wraps to not only relax you but also rejuvenate and heal every part of your body. We are sure once you come here, you would like to come again and again because the Forest Fairy Tale resort would have something new to offer every time you visit.


Open daily from 10am till 11 pm, The Ak-Aul restaurant is the largest yurt in the world having entered the Guinness Book of World Records with a diameter of 19 meters and accommodation capacity of 300 people. It is famous for serving the national cuisine ‘Ak-Aul’ and other dishes of traditional cuisine like the beshbarmak, kazi, zhaya, horse meat, salads and traditional Kazakh Drinks like Ayran and tea. By serving the authentic Kazakh dishes, the restaurant is trying to preserve the authenticity of the culture and intertwine it with modern era. The best place to dine with family, friends, have meetings and conferences AK-Kul would not disappoint you in any way be it the food, the sounds of dombra, the majestic views of the mountains and you would like coming back to it again and again.


Serving Georgian cuisine, this restaurant is mini Georgia where the chef is especially invited from Georgia and serving the national dishes according to the old family recipes. With authentic smells of barbeques and khachapuri with lobio kharcho soup, hot Georgian bread and fresh cheese gulped down with wine, one cannot resist entering this restaurant. Open daily from 11am till 11pm, you can bask in the Georgian hospitality of love and comfort. You can also have a Georgian feast as the restaurant can accommodate around 80 persons and with the views outside to die for, life indeed is a party in this place.


Holidays mean spending time with family and what better way than to have a family dinner at the family Café. The idea of a family café is to bring together people and family together in this day and age of gadgets and social media. Giving them a carefree atmosphere, the people can enjoy and have a gala time. Food served is homemade where the best and freshest local farmer’s product are used and the best part is that they have a children’s menu where the kids can eat fuss free. With delicious homemade desserts against the backdrop of the mountains, Family café which open 24 hours is the ideal choice for a family dining experience.


Don’t you want to feel fit and fine always on a holiday. Don’t worry you can do at the Forest Fairy Tale resort where Café Bistro deals in healthy Fast food. Surprised? Don’t be, because here the menu is prepared using the best organic products grown on the farms in Almaty along with the manually made sauces and marinades. Unlike traditional fast food, we do not use long-term storage products and do not sell pre-cooked with windows. Everything is fresh and natural.


The cottage town is suited in the upper part of the park, upward to the rope attraction «Adventures Park». Presently there are 7 functioning cottages where each can accommodate 10 persons: 5 twin-rooms with high-tech facilities, furniture and accessories, bathrooms with glass shower units, baths and wash stands, bedrooms with one double or two single rooms at choice. The cottage consists of 5 rooms:

> 1 suites of «Luxe» class (two rooms, toilet facility)
> 3 suites of «Semiluxe» class (one room, toilet facility)
> 1 suite of «Standard» class


The two-storey VIP-chalets «Four Forces» with a recommended capacity of 10 and a maximal capacity of 15 persons with 5 bedrooms, fireplace hall, sauna, comfortable relaxation rooms, big terraces, kitchen and separate balconies. The bedrooms have got separate toilet facilities with either a bath or shower unit at choice. You can also choose to stay in the following bedrooms: one double or two single beds. Each VIP-chalet comes with all the high-tech facilities, dry Finnish sauna! It’s the ideal leisure for a big group, as a family or as personnel. Want to spend your weekends in nature, in the picturesque zone of the National Park of Ile Alatau? Organize teambuilding, conquer the rope adventures park and fly along the longest trolley park in Asia? And relax by the fireplace and tank energy for the next day? It’s now all possible in «Lesnaya Skazka» Mountain Resort & Spa!


Every adult dreams of returning to childhood at least for a moment. We have fulfilled the dreams of many people and created a unique project that is one-of-a-kind all over Central Asia – Treehouses! Currently there are 35 comfortable houses of the categories «Standard» (13), «Luxe» (14) and «Premium» (8). Each category is situated at various levels supported by rigid platforms intended for the double-room stay, however, with an option of additional accommodation of up to four persons. The interior of each house differs with its ingenious design and, of course, highest level of comfort.

Our treehouses hit TOP-10 of the best eco-hotels of the world!