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Welcome to 8 Lakes Resort

The Eight Lakes Park Resort is a unique complex located 30 min away from Almaty City in the Talgar District. The best and distinctive part of this resort is that it offers variety of recreational facilities. So, you can either have fun with your family or have business meeting or maybe just live in solitude for a few days or for that matter call a bunch of friends and party away, all can be done at the Eight Lakes Park resort. It has everything for all age groups and for everyone.

Along with a beautiful and hearty welcome, the resort promises you a comfortable and enjoyable stay for as long as you want to stay. The best feature about the Eight Lakes Park Resort is that it has around the clock security service which ensures your utmost safety. They have specialists working with vigil dogs which patrol the resort day and night. Also, the safety is ensured at the Beach complex also with certified lifeguards for your help always. Eight Lake Park Resort is your home away from home and one should make it on the must visit list when in Almaty for that perfect rejuvenation and relaxation .


With an outdoor seating of 300 guests, Arovana restaurant is a typically country style place for a good informal meal with friends. The outdoor seating has shaded tents and beautiful fountains to rejuvenate and unwind you. One can smell the grilled dishes being cooked like the fresh food and poultry products. Also, they have a children’s area where the kids can play while you relax and unwind with friends and family.


Mugunhwa typically means the fragrant flower and this Korean restaurant is indeed that of the Eight Lakes Park Resort. The restaurant open on all days except Wednesday and Thursday from 12 Pm to 9 Pm welcomes you with warm heartedness in its comfortable atmosphere. Opened in 2012, by Chef Li Sun Do, this place serves authentic Korean dishes and beverages made from ingredients especially flown down from Korea.

Golden Lake

The Golden Lake restaurant at the Eight Lake Park Resort is a 24-hour luxury restaurant and an ideal place to have a cosy romantic dinner or a family gathering or maybe a business lunch. The restaurant serves original and authentic cuisine from the Italian and Mediterranean culinary traditions. During summers one can enjoy the open terrace and the view of the Alatau mountains and in winters one can sit near the fireplace with a wine glass and snuggle with your loved ones.


This beautiful restaurant is opened beyond a massive wooden bridge above the lake. The Vostochny has comfortable couches which are surrounded be beautiful pine and fir trees. You can savour the dishes of the cuisines from Central Asia every day from 9 am till 9 Pm. The outdoor area has tables for dining and couches to relax on along with music, dining, drinking fountains and a national swing called ‘Altybakan’. An ideal place to have quality time with family.


In the centre of the resort’s Beach Club lies the Sultan Bar with its oriental style décor and tropical palms, the Sultan Bar is the main restaurant of the resort. You can enjoy 7 types of different pizzas which are cooked live in a wood burning stove and has authentic Italian recipe along with other delicacies of the Mediterranean cuisine. One can also relish the freshly grilled burgers along with kebabs and other specialities. The bar is open from 12pm to 11pm every day and in the evening one can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and sip your favourite cocktail


The Timujin Bar with its comfortable atmosphere is a favourite among all the guests. With a wonderful view of the pool and the Tien Shan mountains as the backdrop, one can enjoy the assortment of beverages available here and the barman would astonish you with his skills of mixing cocktails. Open every day from 10 am till 11pm, the circular shape of the Timujin bar gives it a Hawaiian feel which the guests love.


If you want to chill with a group of friends, just head to the Sports Bar located near the Arovana restaurant where you can play Russian Billiard or American Pool and also keep yourself updated with the sports activities going around the world on the big LED screen in the bar. The working hours of the bar are from 9 am to 9 pm where you can munch on light snacks and light courses while having your favourite drinks at the full stocked bar.

When you feel, tired and want to relax, head to the Thermal Spa, found in the Eight Lakes Resort. The Thermal Spa is unique in its own way as the water in it contains many traces of raw minerals like sodium, magnesium and iron which not only has anti-aging properties but is also ultra-soft to touch.

The Thermal Spa has an outdoor pool with a constant temperature of 42 degrees all around the year and surrounded by lush green trees and fresh air adding to the relaxation and calmness in the body. The indoor hydra massage pool has a constant temperature of 30 degrees and is a bliss in its own way. If you like sauna, then you can enjoy three varieties of Russian, Finnish and Turkish Saunas. And after a soothing massage, enjoy a cup of Vitamin Tea or a smoothie from the snack bar called Fitobar. The Thermal Spa is an ideal place to relax your body, mind and soul.

The Beach Club at the Eight Lakes resort has the largest swimming pool in Central Asia which offers relaxation among lush and luxurious surroundings. Enjoy the sun, breeze and the service by swimming in the crystal-clear water and by relaxing on the soft lounge chairs or the VIP tents located under the shade of tall palm trees. The beautiful Beach Club resort is located in the centre of the Eight Lakes resort with an area of 20000 sq. m and can accommodate up to 2000 guests.

The highlight of the club is the swimming pool which lights up during the evening and creates a romantic and perfect ambience of serenity and bliss. This illuminating effect can be seen from 6 Pm to 11Pm every day. The Beach club territory also has a sun bathing area, three swimming pools which include 2 for adults and one for kids, dressing room and the famous Sultan and Timujin Bars. And when you get tired of all the swimming and beachy activities, go to the stage located above the swimming pool and dance the night away as it transforms into a concert hall under the open sky and the stars. So, come and enjoy and drown all your worries in the swimming pool.


If you are an animal lover, then you must visit the Safari Park. The Safari Park is located within the territory of the Eight Lakes Resort and is the first private nursery in the whole of Kazakhstan where you can experience wild nature in its full glory. The area of the reserve is around 450 hectares and you would be taken around by an experienced guide who would tell you about all the 50 types of carnivorous and herbivorous animals and birds living in the reserve. It also has a mini zoo which is a delight for young kids. The working hours of the safari are from 10 am till 5 pm and the guests are taken around in quiet, eco-friendly electric buses from where you can click photos and videos and make memories for a lifetime.
One of the most attractive hobbies is Fishing and Eight Lakes resort is really the place for experienced and amateurs’ fishers. It has eight lakes with mountain stream water within the territory of the resort with eight kinds of fish which are farmed under favourable ecological conditions. There is sterlet, pickerel, trout, European carp, silver carp, carp, crucian carp, and grass carp. There are regular fishing tournaments.


When you have, kids travelling with you, the basic thing that is persistent on your mind is how to keep the kids occupied. Well, at Eight Lakes resort you don’t need to bother for that, as the resort has many items to keep them entertained throughout the holidays.
Like an adult club, the Eight Lakes resort has a Kids Club which provides a variety of programs for the recreation of kids which include many activities and developmental programs. They have an outdoor playground with play houses, swings, merry go rounds, small hills and also a rope course for kids aged 4 to 12 years. Some of the other activities provided by the resort which entertain as well as develop the cognitive ability of the kids are
·         Active programs and competitions
·         Training programs
·         Children’s master classes
·         Puppet theatre
·         Safari in natural reserve
·         Swimming pool for children
·         Rental of bicycles and scooters
·         Badminton
·         Ping-pong
·         Mini golf
In this day and age, technology plays an important part and so does the development of information and knowledge which can be learnt through games. The resort has many developmental games for the kids and with the help of the activity leaders’ kids as young as under 6 years can also enjoy these games which develop their logical thinking.