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Think of snow-capped mountains, lush green surroundings, adventure activities, shopping destinations and think Almaty Kazakhstan. Look no further because we at DESTINATION TRAVELS Services (P) Ltd are the experts in providing you the best of vacations in Almaty as we have an office there which would to help and guide you with all your queries and dream vacations that you need.

Destination Travels Services (P) Ltd formed in 1987 is an IATA accredited agent and approved by the Department of Tourism, Govt Of India. It’s also a member of TAAI, TAFI and brings together a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals with over two decades of experience. Our individuals at Destination Travels form a team which have the expertise and the confidence to handle the most complex and challenging tasks they are faced with.
Under the guidance and leadership of Mr R.K. Shorey, Founding Chairman and Managing Director and Mr Rohit Shorey, Director, we Destination Travels are committed in giving exceptional customer service and are also proud winners of many awards in the last two decades.

At Destination Travels, we believe that ‘relationships with real people’ are important and that is why we want to work according to your time and convenience. So, you have a choice to choose how you wish to communicate with us.
If you send an email for any travel enquiry to our mail address hotels.tours@destinationtravels.in , you'll get a response back from our office staff, with their direct email address to respond to.

If you wish to call us and talk to one of our travel specialists, they'll give you their direct mobile number so that next time you call, you can talk to someone who already knows you and what you're looking for.

At Destination Travels, we guarantee that whenever you contact us, in any way, your query would be responded within one business day. If you send us a travel request, we would get back to you within one business day with an email and a phone call.

We at Destination Travels would like to keep up with our reputation and promises and in case you feel we are not up to the mark, then you can email our Director Mr Rohit Shorey at rohit.shorey@destinationtravels.in with your both good and bad feedbacks because at Destination Travels, our business philosophy is to make every single customer happy and content.