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Paragliding in Almaty

When you see, a bird flying in the air, don’t you wish you had wings and you could just forget about the Earth’s gravity and fly away. Well, we cannot turn you into a bird, but we can closely make you experience something similar... Welcome to Para Gliding Tour at Almaty. Around 30 kms away from Almaty is a place called Ush-Konyr which is open since 1980 for hand gliders and attracts a lot of pilots and tourists from around the world. The paragliding flight will be with the help of an instructor and would last for around 15 to 90 minutes and is open to all age groups as long as you are physically fit.

Para Gliding tour starts at the Big Almaty gorge, at an altitude of 2510 m above sea level and which is located in the Big Almaty lake. The tour route lies a little higher than the Almaty Lake at around 3300 m above sea level. It is from this place that you would start your para gliding flight over the Big Almaty Gorge and see the wonderful mountains and valleys and the greenery from a bird’s eye view. After para gliding to your hearts content, you would have a safe landing and enjoy a picnic setup. Once you are back to your hotel, you can relive the moment captured through your video and photographs and experience it all over again. A not to be missed opportunity when you visit Almaty luxury tours!