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The Charyn Canyon Tour

If you are an adventure and history lover, you can’t afford to miss the tour of THE CHARYN CANYON. The Charyn Canyon is one of the most unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan set against the backdrop of flat steppe land near Almaty which offers spectacular views of vertical cliffs, ancient castles created by wind, sun and rain. The Canyon which is 12 million years old has years of history stored in it and is an ideal place for walking, photography, rafting and soaking the nature.

The Charyn Canyon trip is a day trip from Almaty as it is an 8 hour drive up and down leaving very less time to enjoy the group of 5 canyons viz: The Valley of Castles, Temirlik Canyon, Yellow Canyon, Bestamak Canyon and Red Canyon. So now, it is advised to make it 2 to 3 days visit to enjoy all the canyons plus experience camping under the stars and witness beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Once you reach the Canyons, you would be stunned with the beauty and splendour of the landscape. You can walk through the panoramic mazes of the valley of castles and enjoy the atmosphere and clicking memories. And the best part is it’s a lifetime experience which you would never forget ever.