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Bellagio Las Vegas Casino

One of the most respectable gambling site in Kazakhstan is the Casino Bellagio which cater and adhere to the International standards of service and security. The Casino offers its guests shuttle services to the casino in comfortable cars and a large parking space for personal vehicles. With beautiful interiors, and comfortable area, the guests can indulge in various games ranging from the classic poker games on table to the slot machines and many other varieties of games. Casino Bellagio boasts of having a separate Slot Hall, VIP Hall, Private rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor where you can play and unwind too. So go and try your luck now.

Casino Bellagio

Casino Bellagio has over 30 tables for Roulette, Black Jack and many varieties of Poker which include 5 Card Poker, 6 card Poker and Russian Poker. You can also try your luck at the 70 Slot machines and 2 electronic Roulette. The rates can go from a minimum to sky rocket stakes like...

  • Ruletki- The stakes can range from 5 to 2000 USD
  • Black Dzhek- From 25 to 3000 USD on the box
  • Poker- has unlimited maximum rates and the payout is 300 000u.e
  • Baccarat – Stakes from 50 to 20000 USD

Slot machines make everyone excited and you can try your luck on many games on the Slot machine ranging from Novomatic 626, Novomatic 640, Novomatic 880, Novomatic 610, Novomatic 623, Novomatic 624, EGT, Casinotechnology, Alfastreer Roulette with 8 seats and a maximum bet of 30000 tenge. So you can actually spend 24 hours on Slot machines without getting bored.


Open 24 hours and 7 days a week, Welcome to the Restaurant of Casino Bellagio which an introduced a new menu where the expert chef prepares many culinary delicacies ranging from Eastern European cuisine to Japanese. Other things to look out here are the summer food and drinks. With a great atmosphere and excellent service, you can recharge and unwind yourself and get ready to play the games again.


Casino Bellagio also has a hotel which has a sleek and chic interior and all the rooms have a unique character. All the rooms meet the standards of a 5-star hotel and the motto of the hotel is to make your stay as comfortable as possible in whichever room you stay.


Spa Bellagio welcomes you to rejuvenate and plunge in the bliss to unwind your body and soul. Having experienced staff and various therapies, it would not only relax your body but you would feel inner harmony of the body and soul and feel a new you. The spa area consists of two separate complexes, each of which includes a swimming pool, dry steam room, hammam, massage room, a business center, where guests can enjoy meals from the restaurant and bar drinks, and relaxation rooms with all amenities.