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China gold - Restaurant

All the people who love Chinese cuisine and the culture of China can visit the most luxurious, HIGH END restaurant complex in Almaty in the form of China Gold. This restaurant complex boasts of 3 Chinese premium restaurants each having its spacious green areas and karaoke. Located in the exclusive area of the city, this complex is in the territory of all the high branded villa boutiques and restaurants, with a total capacity of 400 persons along with large and comfortable parking. All the restaurants are open from 11am till the last guest leaves and one can enjoy Karaoke from Thursday to Sunday from 9pm till 6 am.

The restaurants are not only famous for the world class cuisine but also the highest quality of services and comfort. With a Chef like Chef Mark Statcenko, who prepares the China Gold’s special menu, other varieties of food are also prepared by specialist Chefs like the Dim Sum’s menu – the Chef from Hong Kong Yiu Wing Kan, the main menu of Japanese and Chinese cuisine – the Chef Alexandr Uchenko, Chef from Beijing Lu Dzanpin and Shi Dganhong.

The restaurant complex has three main restaurants each having its own speciality which are Eshak famous for Special Oriental food, Sugudal which is Fish food restaurant and finally Benvenuto which is a classic Italian restaurant.