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East - Restaurant

Located on the Al-Farabi road, East Restaurant is a modern day Pan Asian restaurant in Almaty serving the most delicious and delectable cuisines from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, China and Singapore. Apart from the lip smacking food, this place is also famous for its interior design which comprises of not only attractive décor but in a way also tells a beautiful story. Each picture tells a story of a river and ocean with authentic boats used by the fishermen in the Indian ocean, the works are by the modern artist George Pusenkoff and are really unique and admirable.

The restaurant is looked after the very impressive Chef Mamu (Rashidin Abd Rashid, Malaysia) who has years of experience and makes it a point to be involved at each step of the culinary creation right from purchasing the product to serving the dishes and taking the feedback from the customers. This personal touch by the chef makes every dish at the East authentic, delicious and combines a lot of cultural touch of Asian and European traditions.