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Marrone rosso - Cafe's

Can’t start your day without your morning cuppa of coffee, we have the perfect place where you can enjoy and indulge in gourmet coffee made from selected grains and in-house roasting ... Welcome to Marrone Rosso, your one stop for coffee, sandwiches and salads in the heart of the Almaty town.

Marrone Rosso is famous for its fast service, great coffee and yummy deserts. Most importantly they have a very nice ambience and an ultra-polite staff who are ready to help you always. The pleasant atmosphere of this café is what makes it apart from everyone. After serving in countries like USA, Israel this 15-year-old chain of café finally opened in Almaty and people are delighted. So, one can indulge in soups, pastas and healthy salads too and the best part is that you can either order your food at the counter or with an I Pad With Russian and English menu at your seat. This laid-back café is famous for its horse meat sandwich and the best thing is that the food comes with free bread and cokes.

This is really your ‘go to ‘spot for daily dose of breakfast and lunch with that impeccable aroma of freshly brewed coffee.