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Namaste - Indian Restaurant

Located on the Baitursinov Street, Almaty, Namaste is a traditional style Indian restaurant serving authentic Indian dishes at reasonable prices. The restaurant is a favourite among people who are fond of Indian flavours and although the atmosphere is plain, the quantity served is not so plain and are gastronomically enormous. The unique thing about this place is that while you are eating your favourite clay oven cooked tandoori dishes with different types of naan, you can enjoy watching Bollywood movies which is playing in the backdrop in TV. And on weekends you can come here easily as they have hassle free outdoor parking space.

Namaste also has a small outdoor sitting area which you can enjoy in mild winters with hot food. Lunch is really famous at this place and the waiters and staff go out of the way to assist you in describing and selecting the dishes. And if you are feeling cold in the blasting air conditioner inside, you need not worry as you can ask for blankets and can enjoy cosy dining out. The favourite and most popular dishes of this restaurant are the Lamb and Chicken Biryani and Chicken curry and if you have a sweet tooth, you can digest your food with aromatic Kheer. Truly every foodie’s delight is the Namaskar restaurant.