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SOVA Bar&Club

When you are in Almaty and want some place to unwind which has simplicity, elegance, comfort, pleasure and style, then look no further and just head to the SOVA BAR. Open from 11pm to 6 am, this is the perfect place where you can party with friends, chat and drink a variety of cocktails. The best part about the SOVA Bar is the right kind of music played by the best DJ’s of Kharkov which can range from light music to heavy loud beats.

And if you want to sing and groove with the music, they have a separate Karaoke room to help you become a budding singer. And once you are tired of stretching your vocal chords, you can enjoy a delicious spread of local and international cuisine, creative cocktails at very reasonable prices.
They also have a sushi menu for all the Sushi lovers between 12 noon till 6 pm along with a buffet of Business lunch from 12 noon again till 5 Pm. So, if you are with a business client or want to just chill and relax with friends, you know where to book your table- SOVA BAR.