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Spice mantra - Indian Restaurant

If you love eating traditional Punjabi cuisine, look no further and head to Spice mantra located on the Zhambyl Street, Almaty. It’s the much in demand restaurant which serves Indian dishes with a little twist, that means that the spices are according to the local palette but still taste as authentic as possible, so the locals as well as the tourists can enjoy the food. The restaurant is decorated very Indian with miniature Indian dolls as the backdrop and other souvenirs all brought from India. And the people who love drinking, can also enjoy a boy night out in their bar called shooterz and enjoy Mexican food.

Spicy Mantra offers both Indian and Thai food and the menu is split into 3 parts: Indian, Chinese and Thai. For easy understanding, its printed both in Russian and English. Along with serving some delectable vegetarian cuisine they also have a wide variety of non-vegetarian dishes served with fresh tropical juices. Weekday business brunch is another popular thing of this place and enjoyed by the office goers. On weekends, they have brunch of authentic South Indian dishes like Masala Dosa, Idli, Vada and sometimes the most popular Punjabi dish – Choley Bhature. The best part is that all dishes are prepared fresh and customized to one’s taste. The favourite dishes among the people are the Dal Makhani and their signature cauliflower-honey which is a starter and of course the famous Bhaturas.

Highly recommended for all and we are sure that you would come out of Spicy Mantra licking your fingers and with a promise to come back.