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Welcome to Aulresort

Auyl Resort is a recreational and entertainment complex located in the Karasai area on the 36th Kilometre of the Kaskelen upper route which is a 6-minute drive from Kasakelen. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful resort on the foot of the Trans-Ili-Alatau mountains and infact the famous mountain peak Ush-Konyr is just 5 kms away from the resort which is incidentally the birth place of the First President of Kazakhstan.

Guests can enjoy in the beautiful open spaces of the resort breathing in fresh air and having a comfortable and cosy stay in the guest’s rooms. The combination of having a place where you can not only enjoy the modern amenities of the resort along with traditional nomadic life is just spectacular. One can book the resort for weddings, anniversaries or any other type of celebrations. You can also have a pool party or a teambuilding meet of about 400 people.

From the resort the guests can visit the museum of the President of Kazakhstan or visit the Elk Farm which offers unique therapeutic procedures which can relax and rejuvenate you. For the lovers of fishing, don’t miss out on visiting the Trout farm which is 10 min from the resort and where the guests can have an enjoyable time fishing.
So, don’t waste any time and just visit Auyl farm where the greenery, the vast surroundings and the fresh air along with many leisure activities are waiting for you to come and explore.