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Ascension Cathedral

Also, known as the ‘Zenkov Cathedral’, Ascension Cathedral is one of the most beautiful, magnificent and architectural monument of the city of Almaty with the height of 56 meters and is located in the green Panfilov Park of Almaty. A. Zenkov had supervised the construction of this cathedral in the early 19th century and legend goes that it was built without a single nail. But unfortunately, it’s not true. Although the design is remarkably unique but it’s because of the advanced technological expertise of that time. They used the construction concept of Semi ruche which meant using of reinforced concrete, timber preservation and ventilation.

The Ascension Cathedral is entirely built in wood with intricate detailing and connected with iron bolts. The chief architect Zenkov ensured that it had a ‘flexible construction’. The external view of the cathedral boasts of some bright walls and multi coloured domes which is similar to the architecture of St. Petersburg. After many ups and downs in the restoration and religious upheavals, orthodox services began again in the cathedral and ever since it’s a pilgrimage for many Christians and a colourful attraction for all the Non-Christians.


The five domes and the three aisles of the cathedral with the bell tower have been included in the top 8 highest buildings of the world made entirely from wood.