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Palace of the Republic

The Palace of the Republic is located in the Almaty City Centre at the intersection of Dostyk and Abay Streets and is one of main and largest concert halls in not only Almaty but Kazakhstan too. It was built in 1970 and was called the Palace Lenin then and was opened during the 100th birth anniversary celebration of Lenin and ever since has become the main tourist attraction of Almaty. The Palace is close to the square of Abay near the monument of Abay Kunanbayev.

The composition of the building includes the internal volumes which are under one roof of 10000 sq. meter. The roof rests on eight concrete walls and they do not reach the bottom of the roof and hence giving a virtual look. The lobby of the Palace has a main entrance with grand staircases spanning from the foyer and the decoration is a mixture of marble floors, fence lines. Truly an architect’s brilliance is depicted in this palace.


In the lobby centre, there is a huge crystal chandelier made in Czechoslovakia and weighs 7.5 tons.