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Kok Tobe

Kok Tobe is the highest point in the city of Almaty standing on a 1100 m hill at the south-east edge of the city. It is worth a visit to Kok Tobe because of its panoramic view of the city from all directions. To reach the Kok Tobe hill, one should take a cable car ride which starts near Hotel Kazakhstan and goes over some of the oldest parts of Almaty and the magnificent fruit growing gardens. Once you reach the Kok Tobe hill, you would see the famous 372 m high TV Tower which is visible from far and offers great views of the mountains and the city plus a few attractions at the top.


Apart from the beautiful view at the Kok Tobe, one can enjoy and savour delicacies at many restaurants situated there.

KOK TOBE CAFÉ - is a semi open summer café offering succulent tender grilled shashlik along with great varieties of pork, liver, duck and lamb along with salads and with a well-priced beer mugs. The added attraction is that overlook the Malaya Almatinka riverside path, a must for all walkers and joggers.
PARADISE - offers fast food, European, East European and Pan Asian Cuisine and is around 1 km away from Kok Tobe hill.
AB RESTAURANT - is around 0.8 kms away from Kok Tobe hill and where you can sit outside in small pavilions or on one of two large terraces. Inside there is a huge fireplace which makes a dinner during winter times even more cosy. The menu card offers traditional local food with a large selection of shashlik and meat dishes.
YURT RESTAURANT - Kok Tobe offers one of Almaty’s most unique dining experiences. To get there you can take a tram up the mountain and catch amazing views of the city. Kok-Tobe is divided into three restaurants with its main eatery named Yurt because its sections are shaped like a traditional Kazakh yurt. Yurt serves up Kazakh staples such as beshbarmak, lagman and manty as well as any place in town. And, in a nod to its growing international clientele, the restaurant has added non-Kazakh cuisine to its menu. A trip to Kok-Tobe offers a unique combination of good food and great atmosphere.

The added attraction at Kok Tobe hill opened in 2006 as a recreational entertainment centre as the Kok Tobe Park. In 2007 a Beatles Monument having bronze statues of the 4 Beatles was installed and in March 2016, the park was renovated and opened again for the public. It now boasts of having 17 cable cars and a new Ferris Wheel. One can visit this place for a family picnic and to see the city ast Along with the above, Kok Tobe has a fountain of desire, which is in the shape of an apple, a climbing wall, an art gallery for the lovers of art, a tea house. In addition to these attractions, on the Kok-Tobe there are: viewing platforms, a petting zoo, a concert hall, a lovers alley, ponds, and shops selling national souvenirs.

FAST COASTER - Fast Coaster is the only roller coaster in Kazakhstan that is located on a side of a mountain. It goes down with a speed of 45 km/h and the picturesque view of the city landscape along with adrenaline rush is unimaginable. If you take the ride in the night, you would witness the twinkling of the city lights.
ALLEY OF LOVERS - If you want to go on a romantic walk with your partner, do it in the Alley of Lovers route which is a place for these types of walks and dates and away from the prying eyes in the laps of nature.
FOUNTAIN OF DESIRES - The Fountain of Desires is the symbol of Almaty which is in the form of a granite apple and it welcomes guests at the Kok Tobe Peak. Some people thoughtfully throw coins into the depths of its waters, while others make memorable photos near it.
FERRIS WHEEL - Located in the park Ferris wheel's height is 30 meters. It is 1 136 meters above sea level. There are 20 closed highly comfortable and safe cabins, 6 passengers for each cabin. There is great view on Almaty from cabins.