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Monument of Independence

The Monument of Independence or the Golden Warrior Monument is located in the Republic Square of Almaty and stands in a 91 feet tall column and shows the independence if Kazakhstan, its people and the role of the city of Almaty when it was the capital until 1997. The monument also depicts the rich history of Kazakhstan from Queen Tomiris time till the present modern day. The Golden man depicts a statue of the Saka Warrior and a Bary and was conceptualized by a group of eminent Kazakh architects led by Shota Valihanov.

Monument of Independence was inaugurated on 16th December 1996 and is located next to the Presidential Residence, The Akimat House and many other influential monuments. The complex itself where the monument is situated shows an amalgamation of architecture marvels along with sayings of important people famous in the fields of science, culture and politics.


The ‘Golden Man’ at the top of the column stands at a height of 6m who guards the winged leopard by standing and hence symbolizing the power of the Kazakh land. The inspiration of this image is the archaeological findings in the Issyk burial mound near Almaty