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Mahatma Gandhi statue

One thing you would find in every country of the world is the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in some form or the other, be it just a bust of the Father of Nation or a full-length Statue, Mahatma Gandhi in any form is an inspiration for everyone.

Born on 2nd October, his efforts to get India Independent are known worldwide. Known for following the concept of Ahimsa (Non-Violence) he made the British leave India thus gaining respect even from them. Almaty also pays its respects to the great leader in the form of a statue which is constructed by the Embassy of India at Zhambul Park in 2007 and every year to pay reverence to the great leader The Mahatma Gandhi School in Almaty organized a Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Chess Tournament in association with the Almaty City Chess Foundation from October 2 – 5 in 2015 and hope to do it every year. A must visit for everyone who wants to pay his respects to the great world leader.