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first president park

As the name suggests, the First President Park is named after the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and was opened to the general public on November 2011. This park is located at the intersection of the Navoi Street and Al- Farabi Avenue in Bostandyk district of Almaty and with a total area of 73 hectares it has become one of the favourites among the residents and tourists of Almaty.

The youngest city of Almaty has an interesting layout with picturesque mountains as the backdrop. The park is around 1.5 kms from one end to another lined up with trees and flower beds. On the southern end of the park, there are sitting areas with small shelters on raised mounds. The park has no admission charges and infact it does not have any shops too, so one should carry their food and drinks with them when going to the park for a day out.

The highlight of the park is the city’s largest fountain which is a multi-stage water theme with light and music. The main jet fountain has a diameter of 70 mm and reaches a height of 30 metres. The musical fountain show is performed for every hour in the evening and is hit among everyone. Another thing that attracts the tourists is the monumental sculptural composition of Kazakhstan on the 20th anniversary of Independence which showcases a golden eagle made in bronze, granite and marble and the map has symbolic images of the historical sites of Kazakhstan. This park has become must visit spot for anyone travelling to the country and should not be given a miss.


Every year the park hosts the annual music festival called ‘Almaty- My First Love’ which is held in the semi-circular colonnade with the musical fountain adding to the atmosphere.