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Shymbulak ski resort

The Shymbulak Ski resort is located in the picturesque Zailiuskiy Alwatau mountains, 2260 m above sea level and is around 25kms outside the Almaty City with an average temperature of 25 degrees in summers and -7 degrees in winter. The average snowfall is around 1.5 m with the ski season starting from December till April. You can take the 3 ski lifts at the resort to reach the highest point at 3200m above sea level. You can reach the ski resort by taking the Gondola cars from Meadeu with the World’s third longest Gondola with a length of 4.5 kms. Once you reach the resort, you can soak in the views of the majestic mountains with snowy slopes and the evergreen Tien Shan Firs.


The best part of the resort is the ample availability of hotel, restaurants, cafes and coffee shop offering a variety of cuisines, in fact there is a hotel located in the resort where you can stay in the night after a hectic ski day.

ASSORTI– Located at the Shymbulak Ski Resort, the main restaurant Assorti is a foodie’s paradise as it serves yummy pizzas and good drinks. Open from 10 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 10am to 11pm on weekends, Assorti serves local, European and Japanese Cuisines as well. With their huge collection of wines and kebabs, one can spend an entire evening there with family and friends. And the cherry on the top is the delicious desserts that they serve. So, when at the ski resort don’t miss going to Assorti and you would surely not regret.
MARRONE ROSSO– Offering a great view of the mountains, Marrone Rosso serves delicious gourmet coffee which are made by selecting grains and own roasting. This served with fresh bread, pastries healthy salads and sandwiches make Marrone Rosso an all-time favourite among tourists. The place has a perfect ambience with a self-service concept, Marrone Rosso has been in the business for around 15 years serving the best fresh and healthy food along with that perfect aroma of coffee.
CHALET– If you are a meat lover, then you have found the right place with Chalet, Almaty. With a rustic interior and a warm and relaxing fireplace, Chalet has panoramic windows which overlooks the beautiful mountains and the Trans-Ili- Alatau Gorge. It serves a delicious spread made with the freshest ingredients giving each dish a homely feel with a unique flavour. With its variations of steaks, marbled beef, lamb kebabs, wild boar fillet horse meat dish and the most delicious pasties in Almaty, Chalet takes away your love in every bite.

The resort has everything for everyone, be it the gentle slopes for the beginners or the longer trails for the experts. This place is apt for relaxing not only in the winters but also in summers and one can explore the area by foot through long valleys unexplored mountains and beautiful pine forests and meadows. In Summer, they have camps for children they can learn new things and have fun too.

Shymbulak Ski Resort” is a great prospect and is a favourite place for recreation and entertainment for Almaty residents, and tourists.

How to keep a kid busy on a vacation? Well, at Shymbulak Ski Resort this is actually not a problem but an area where the fun begins. Welcome to the Shymbulak Kids Club, which gives fun group lessons in skiing and snowboarding along with a variety of games and entertainment to children from ages 3 to 10 years. This place is a fun place where the kids play all fun and games along with getting to know about the wonderful sport skiing from the professional instructors. Having in Shymbulak Kids' Club your child, you can safely ride on the slopes without having to worry that your child will be bored. Qualified teachers, great toys, games with new friends create a festive atmosphere for the kids and fun.

Fulfil your dream of flying in the air with this fun activity called Paragliding in Tandem which is the easiest and most affordable way to experience the joy and excitement of flying in the sky. Fly over the beautiful Trans-Ili-Alatau and enjoy the snow-covered slopes in winter and lush green summer beauty.  The flight takes place in tandem (double paragliding) with a professional pilot. 
Want to feel like a kid again and at the same become fit on a vacation, then definitely try our Trampoline Jumping Activity which is a mix of fun and fitness. After jumping people feel fitter and more energetic. Together with the production of endorphins - the hormones of joy, which we sometimes lack in everyday life, the trampoline will be an integral part of it. Take a 10-min trial and then jump your way to happiness.
ROPE PARK         
A park made up of ropes, sounds interesting enough? It is a complex of sports attraction located on wooden poles having obstacles located at the height of 10 meters above ground level. Rope Park "Shymbulak" is situated at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level. It has a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest mountain park created on artificial supports. With the passage routes, guests can enjoy magnificent views of the mountains. In the park, there are three routes with a total length of 160 meters.