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Medeo ice rink

The Medeo ice rink is the highest mountain sports complex at an altitude of 1691 m above sea level and with an ice surface of 10.5 thousand sq. m which can be used for ice skating, ice hockey and figure skating. Medeo Ice Rink was built in 1972 in honour of a nomad called Medeo who lived in this beautiful area and established his own ‘aul’in the last century. The Skating rink became popular because of its pure glacial water, mild valley climate and gentle breeze and which boasts of some 120 world records by famous sportsmen.

To appreciate the beauty of this picturesque ice rink, you can go to the high point by climbing a famous ladder at the flank of hill Mokhanatka which is famous for its thick layer of trees. From the high point, the city looks like a slope covered with thick layer of greenery. Medeo is famous among all people and is often a favourite place for the residents of Almaty on weekends. In winters, it organizes sports and skating competitions in winters and transforms itself into a entertainment and wellness centre in summers.


Medeu Ice Rink sits 1,691 metres above sea level, making it the highest skating rink in the world.